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For pharmacies and health organizations that provide vaccines or flu antiviral drugs to the public.Learn more about the platforms:
VaccineFinder Factsheet
MedFinder Factsheet

To Report COVID-19 Vaccines:

For COVID-19 vaccination, you must coordinate with your organization or jurisdiction’s immunization program. To learn more, visit:
VaccineFinder COVID-19 Provider Resources
CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Provider Support

About Locating Health

Locating Health is a group of three websites that provide information on where to get vaccines, flu medications or help during a public health emergency.

VaccineFinder shows clinics, health departments and pharmacies that offer vaccinations. MedFinder shows pharmacies that offer flu medication. PODFinder shows community locations where state and local health departments dispense vaccines, antibiotics or other treatment during public health emergencies.

Locating Health is maintained by HealthMap, a team of researchers, epidemiologists and software developers at Boston Children's Hospital. See HealthMap's terms of use.

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